So if you ain't know, I'm really just getting my site back up and running. Now that I'm back, I'm using it not only to promote my music, but artists that I'm cool with and believe in as well. In a climate where the music blogs have gotten more political than ever, lacking in their support of independent artists that held them down for years, I feel the only way we can keep each other rising is by showing love to each other and building each other up, along with making quality music for the fans. It's really the mission statement that the HVNTS ideal was born on, and the same mission statement that I carry with the Young Noble Society brand now. Hence, the birth of the Spread Love section of the site. 

So with that said, the first entry is none other than my brother from another. Vandalyzm, straight out of St. Louis. Matching witty bars with smooth, yet aggressive delivery, Van returns to the music scene with all intentions of putting his foot up the ass of the competition, and you can hear it on this track here. Enjoy and show some love to him via his Twitter, which can be found below. 

Twitter: @Vandalyzm 
Download Link -